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China Egg Carton Making Machine
<p><br>The Paper egg carton making machine is a kind of pulp molding machine, it using the waste paper like newspaper, paper cartons etc. as raw material, can produce different kinds of egg carton, like 4 cells egg carton, 6 cells egg carton, 10 cells egg carton, 12 cells egg carton, 15 cells egg carton, 18 cells egg carton etc., all kinds of custom egg cartons can be made just by changing the molds.<br>There are two kinds of paper egg carton making machine: reciprocating type or rotary type, reciprocating type paper egg carton making machine is good choice for small capacity requirement, rotary type paper egg carton making machine is apply to big capacity requirement.<br>Egg carton production only requires waste paper and water as raw material, the consumption is in electric power and drying fuel (diesel, Natural gas, coal, wood etc.). <br>Usually, the paper egg carton making machine need equipped the hot press shaping machine, which can make the egg cartons to become better appearance, we can provide both manual operation type hot press shaping machine and full automatic hot press shaping system.<br>For 12-cell egg carton as example:<br>ModelThroughputWorkshop SpaceRated Power<br>HR-1000S1000pcs/h40m*10m*6m88KW<br>HR-1500S1500pcs/h42m*10m*6m122KW<br>HRZ-2000M2000pcs/h30m*10m*6m160KW<br>HRZ-3000M3000pcs/h30m*10m*6m187KW<br>HRZ-4000M4000pcs/h35m*10m*6m206KW<br>HRZ-6000M6000pcs/h38m*15m*6m327KW<br>●&nbsp; The throughput of 4-cells egg carton, 6-cells egg carton, 9-cells egg carton 10-cells egg carton, 15-cells egg carton, 18-cells egg carton etc. should be calculated on the basis of the exact size of samples.<br>●&nbsp; Exact data are subject to final contractChina Egg Carton Making Machine<br>website:<br></p>

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