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4-Way Ball Valve manufacturers

<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>Specifications:<br>ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad<br>Anti-static Device (Optional)<br>Pressure Rating: DIN PN16-63/ ANSI 150Lb/1000PSI<br>Size:DN8-DN50(1/4"-2")<br>Connection Type:Thread /SW/BW/clamp ends etc.<br>Pipe Thread:BSPP/BSPT/NPT/<br>DIN 2999-259/ISO 228-1 etc.<br>Materil:WCB、CF8、CF8M 、Super duplex S.S etc.<br> <br>Our Ouming four-way ball valve is a fluid control valve whose body has four ports equally spaced round the valve chamber and the ball has two passages to connect adjacent ports. It has been widely utilized for the exploiting, refining and transporting systems of oil, gas and mineral<br>It can be used to isolate and to simultaneously bypass a sampling cylinder installed on a pressurized water line. It is useful to take a fluid sample without affecting the pressure of a hydraulic system and to avoid degassing (no leak, no gas loss or air entry, no external contamination).4-Way Ball Valve manufacturers<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>


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