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I really don't think it will be soon. There are various skills systems in Runescape that were outgrown by Runescape itself and they appear to be trying to address that aggressively. By way of example, in hindsight, skills such as fletching and firemaking should probably have be facets of a different skill, instead of an ability of their own, however at the time RS began, MMOs were not nearly as fully conceptualized. Dependent on the development path they are on, I expect that we'll see similar skill/combat combo reworks like the mining-smithing/melee transformation that they pinpointed (no pun intendedTongue).

Transforming construction and crafting seems like the perfect way to top off these reworks. Trying to place them before another reworks want wind up in a not as developed end product. It is great to find that the OSRS platform obtaining some needed refinements into the skill. Now, however, they appear to be on another, divergent route from RS3. I think that is a good thing for everyone.

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