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the man often recieve such information
A pair of young people, married long after loving deeply. One day, the man wants to buy a ring for the woman. Walking into the commercial building, she looked at those dazzling gold and silver jewellerys. She hesitated for a long time and said with a sigh of relief: "I don't want this, buy me a pager." At that time, the pager was still a relatively new thing, and the price was not much cheaper than the ring. The man was unexpected because he knew that his girlfriend was not fashionable. Finally, under her insistence, the man bought a beautiful Chinese phone with the money of buying a wedding ring. When the two returned to the new house, the woman took the pager to the man's waist. The man asked in amazement: "This is for you, why do you wear it for me?" The woman smiled and said with a bit of pride: "This way, I can find you at any time! You must promise me, no matter what time, no matter how busy you are, as long as I call you, you must call me back!" That night, the two people in the bed were debugging the ringing of the pager over and over again. They feel that life is like this ringtone, loud and pleasing, full of embarrassment and hope. From that day, the man often recieve such information: "Husband, go home after work to buy some food." "Husband, I miss you, I love you." "Husband, go to my mother's house for dinner at night." Every time he saw this, his heart felt very warm. Whenever possible, even if he doesn't need to call back, he will call and listen to her voice. On one occasion, the man forgot to put the new battery on the pager, and happened to accompany the leader to the grassroots. He went home until midnight, and when he opened the door, he found that his wife had already cried. It turned custom iphone case out that from the time when her husband got off work, she called him once every quarter of an hour. The more he didn��t return to her, the more anxious he was. He always thought that something happened. Later, he called him photo iphone case every ten minutes, until he pushed open the door. She just put the microphone down. The man was a little disapproving about his wife��s fuss: ��I��m not a kid, what else can I do?�� The wife said that there was a hunch that he would casify not come back without answering the phone. The man patted his wife's head and smiled: "Stupid!" However, since then he has not forgotten to put a spare battery in his pocket. Later the husband was promoted to work and had more money, the pager was also replaced by a mobile phone. Suddenly one day, he remembered the ring that owed his wife, and then took her to the commercial building. When she was there, watching the platinum ring of the TV commercial every day, she hesitated and said, "Buy me a mobile phone." The husband asked: "There is a phone at home, you don't go out often, why do you want a mobile phone?" The wife said: "The platinum diamond ring is so expensive, what is the value of it on the finger? I have already seen it on the phone; let me find you later, even if you are in the toilet, you can talk to me." Here, she smiled proudly. In the evening, he gathered his smile and said to her in a serious manner: "Don't call me a mobile phone and send a text message unceremoniously. I often have a meeting, and there are some serious occasions. It is inconvenient to talk to you personally." My wife was not happy: "What should I do if I am looking for you?" The husband is also a little impatient: "I am not a child, why are you looking for me all day?" Just one night after buying a mobile phone for his wife, the husband and colleague went to another friend��s house to play cards. At first, it was only a ten-dollar-dollar bet, and later it became bigger and bigger. His wife called with her mobile phone: "Where are you? Why don't you go home?" "I play cards at my colleagues' home." "When will you come back?" "Let's stay for a while." Lost and won, and his wife��s phone called him again and again. There was heavy rain outside, and my colleague suggested playing for one night. At this time, my wife��s phone rang again: ��Where are you? What are you doing? Come back soon!�� "I have told you i am playing at my colleague's house. How can I go back with such a big rain!" "Then tell me where you are, I will pick you up!" "No need!" He hung up the phone. Friends who played cards together saw this scene, and they all laughed at him that his wife and strictness. In an angry manner, he took the handle. It was dawn, he lost much money, and the friend took him home with his car. diy iphone case Unexpectedly, the door was locked, and when he opened the door, his wife was not at home. At this time, the phone rang, it was called by the mother-in-law. She cried and said: She came out in the rain late at night, riding a picture iphone case bicycle, going to his colleague��s house with an umbrella, looking for one family after another, on the road. She met a car accident and never woke up again. The husband only remembered to open the phone at this time. He saw an unread message above: "Have you forgotten? Today is our wedding anniversary! I am going to find you. Baby, don't run around, I am carrying an umbrella!" She is on the way to find him, and will never wake up again. The husband burst into tears and looked at the short message over and over again. He felt that he lost the whole world that night.

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