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corrosion protection factory
Factory price supply Impressed Current MMO DSA Coated Titanium Tubular Anode 25X1000mm single or in strings
for Cathodic Protection ICCP system
Howah MMO Coated Anode for Cathodic Protection  are designed to provide corrosion protection for such as sea
water, offshore, deep groundbed, pipelines or other special applications.
* Low consumption rate
* Easy installation
* Low maintain cost
* Stable and Economy
* Effective and environmental
* Long working life
We can supply all required extras for MMO tubular anode:
• Cable with specific length
• Canister with carbonaceous backfill
• Heat shrink caps
• Ropes or suspension assembly
• Centralizers
• Customer’s specific requirement
Anode SpecificationCurrent OutputLife Time
19mm x 1220mm
(3/4" x 48")7 amps20 Year
25mm x 500mm
(1" x 19.7")4 amps20 Year
25mm x 1000mm
(1" x 39.4")8 amps20 Year
25mm x 1220mm
(1" x 48")10 amps20 Year
25mm x 1500mm
(1" x 60")12 amps20 Year
31.75mm x 1220mm
(1.25" x 48")12 amps20 Year

ASTM B338 Grade 1 or 2 Standards, or NACE Standard
Quality Control in our factory from beginning to end, our lab technicians inspectors and managers completes the
quality team. Our quality control staff carefully monitors Raw material, Mechanical Process, Surface Treatment,
Coating, Assembling, packaging and all aspects of production.
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Welcome to buy high quality factory price supply lida impressed current mmo dsa coated titanium tubular mesh ribbon tube anode 25x1000mm single or in strings for cathodic protection iccp system from Howah Industry which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Constantly introducing advanced technology and equipment, our factory is able to offer you anode products with extremely high electrochemical performance, large capacity and lasting service time at competitive price.
If you are interested in our products or you have any questions ,please contact with me,i am Erin,i will give you the best servive,
What up:+8615029035402
Skype:Erin Wangcorrosion protection factory

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