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Yasoon Naimat
   No complaints.  Have only used for a few practices, but no issues.  There are probably nicer ones out there, but these work perfect for youth teams.
Ann Narin
   Very comfortable.Elastic waistband is just the right tightness. Draw string as well.
Fadia Lababidi
   Made in America by Americans!!  You can't get much better than that.  These gloves are great and they last and last.  I bought 12 pairs and will probably buy 12 more before too long.
Ahmed Ben
   Great fit. At first the elastic waist band was a bit rough. I had bought another brand of shorts at the same time as this pair. It had a narrower and softer waist band, and they would slip down as I walked. This pair does not slip, even with several dollars worth of assorted coins in the pockets and a small set of keys. After a few washings the waist band softened and is more acceptable. Will be ordering more of this brand next time I need shorts.

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