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Belt Conveyor factory

<!--StartFragment--></p><table><tbody><tr><td>Since 1980s when the first mobile belt conveyor was developed, the company has been attaching great importance on technology research and development of mobile belt conveyor, and has been dedicating its efforts on manufacture of complete set of equipments featuring high stability, low power consumption, intelligence, large size and variety, and has provided high quality products to numerous large size opencasts of China and foreign countries such as Yuanbaoshan opencast, Shengli opencast, Jianshan iron mine and Anglin open coal mine of Uzbekistan, etc.<br>Performance list<br>No.Project name <br>Client nameBelt width <br>mmBelt speed <br>m/sConveying capacity <br>t/hLength per unit of conveyor <br>m<br>1Opencast project of Pingshuo, Shanxi16004.532001500<br>2Technical reform project of Anglin opencast coal mine, Uzbekistan 20005.612100700<br>3Opencast mine project of Hongge Mine,Panxi, Panzhihua, Sichuan14004.030641987<br>4Rock discharging/conveying system project of Jianshan iron mine of Taiyuan Iron &amp; Steel 14004.065001000<br>5opencast mine project of North Power Shengli Energy Co. Ltd of Shenhua16004.03500700Belt Conveyor factory<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>


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