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Stainless Steel Standard industrial handrail components manufacturers

<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>Railing &amp; Stanchion:<br> <br>DIAMOND™Ball-joint Railing is designed by ourselves. Q235 or other plain steels are available, &amp; hot-dip galvanizing is for surface treatment. Featuring robustness,convenient installation, elegant appearance, and good anti-corrosive property benefiting from hot dip galvanizing. It’s widely used in shipyard, bridgework, power plant, petrochemicals, iron &amp; steel works, sewage treatment plant, waterworks, gardens, municipal roads, airports, wharfs. Etc. Products can be manufactured as per customers’ requirements and specifications.<br> Surface Treatment<br>Regarding surface treatment, the hot-dip galvanized, painted &amp; untreated are available, of which the hot-dip galvanized is recommended.<br>Materials<br>Mild Steel<br>Galvanized steel <br>Stainless steel<br>Aluminium<br>Type of DIAMOND™ Upright Stanchion<br>1. Types of Vertical Railing include P, C, W, S, SC, SO, MB (Multi ball).<br>2. Types of Inclined Railing include PA, CA, WA, SAL, SAR, AM, SOAL, SOAR.Stainless Steel Standard industrial handrail components manufacturers<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>


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