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China Wood Bathroom Accessories factory

<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>Antique Wood Bathroom Set-WBW0201A<br>1. Product Introduction<br>Rubber wood with carving lines enrich the design and give us a strong feeling when we touch them.Brown color and stripes enhance a atmosphere of primala.We take measures to make sure the surface is smooth and anti-water.4pcs accessories is just enough to maintain our daily simple requests in the bathroom.You may be a big fan of this set if you adore natural style.<br>Model No.MaterialFinishColorContentSize<br>WBW0201AWoodPaintingDark brownSoap dispenserDIA:8×18 cm<br>Toothbrush holderDIA:10.5×8.6 cm<br>TumblerDIA:8×10.5 cm<br>Soap dishDIA:8×10.5 cm<br>Cotton jarDIA:8×11.7 cm<br>Toilet brush holderDIA:8.6×26.5 cm<br>Learn more about Rubber wood<br>Rubber wood is taken from Hevea brasiliensis, also called the rubber tree or Para rubber tree. These trees are cultivated for their natural latex sap, but they also yield a high quality wood with a tight grain that can be used in a wide range of applications. Despite the name, rubber wood does not bounce or stretch; the name is a reference to the parent tree. In addition to being beautiful, this wood is also an ecologically sustainable timber, making it popular with people who are concerned about the health of the world's forests.<br>Rubber trees are in the Euphorbiaceae family, and they produce a commercially valuable sap. People have been tapping rubber trees for their latex for centuries, and although synthetic alternatives have been developed, there is still a lively market for natural latex. After around 30 years, however, a rubber tree will start to produce much less latex, making it no longer commercially sustainable. These older trees are cut down so that new ones can be planted.<br>The wood of felled rubber trees has traditionally been used for fuel and to make furniture in the regions where these trees are cultivated, but latex farmers realized that the wood could have commercial value as well, and they started to export it. Since the trees are not felled specifically for timber use, many people consider rubber wood to be ecologically sound, simply using up a waste product of the latex production industry. It is also a great building material, since it is durable and very strong, and it takes a range of finishes.<br>2. Product parameter, feature and application<br>4. Product qualificationChina Wood Bathroom Accessories factory<br>website:</td></tr></tbody></table>


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