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The first-touch controls that made the console versions of FIFA 23
<p>How does the world's most popular sport fit the world's newest handheld gaming rig

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? If you're talking about EA Sports' FIFA 23 for the Sony PSP, the answer seems to be: very well indeed. We recently had a chance to play a work-in-progress version of the publisher's premier FIFA franchise and came away impressed with what we've seen so far.<br><br>First and foremost, considering the amount of variety packed into FIFA 23's gameplay alone, it's hard to believe this is a handheld game, much less a launch handheld game. You will find the requisite quick play, season, and tournament modes, and the game also includes a challenge mode and, of course, the vaunted wireless multiplayer capabilities. In challenge mode, you'll take control of teams from the spectrum of licensed leagues found in the FIFA series and will be asked to prevail in any number of trying circumstances, whether by mounting an impressive comeback or by routing a rival by a set number of goals. Each challenge has a time limit associated with it; in order to win, you'll need to work not only well, but fast.<br><br>FIFA 23's tournament mode lets you compete in a variety of real-world cup tournaments, such as the French Coupe de France, the English League Cup, or the American MLS Open Cup, among many others. If that doesn't interest you, you can create a tournament of your own, deciding on factors such as tourney name and type, number of participating teams, number of fixtures against each team, and group round format.<br><br>The first-touch controls that made the console versions of FIFA 23 such an improved game over its sequels are here in the PSP game as well. Obviously the controls are a bit different on the PSP, as the handheld lacks a right analog stick like that of the PS5 dual analog controller. As such, you'll perform first-touch moves with the directional pad, which feels strange since you'll need to lift your thumb off the PSP's analog stick (used to control player movement) to do so.</p><p>If you want to learn more about FIFA 23 Coins,please vist<br><br></p&gt;

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